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Slide Glass Frameless System

The Slide Glass system offers a solution for a profile-free labyrinth joint (without sealing) or a joint between movable door leaves using a narrow brush profile.

  • possibility of using 3-, 4- and 5-track guides.

  • infill:10 mm thick single tempered glass.

  • concealed drainage is possible in the system through lower subframe profiles.

  • the system is equipped with dedicated hardware:

- adjustable or non-adjustable trolleys;
- glass-fixed handle pull;

- and special hook locks.

  • it can be closed using the built-in catch or the side closure with a lock.

  • the rails for moving the door leaves can be made of aluminum or stainless steel (the rails can be independent, mounted in the travel tracks).

  • system-based solutions provide for the possibility of compensating deflections from components located above the sliding body.

  • a wide range of colors – RAL palette, texture colors, Aliplast Wood Color Effect (wood-like colors), Aliplast Loft View – colors imitating stone surfaces, anodized color, bi-color.


System application:

  • installation of vertical walls in porches, patio, offices and work spaces etc.

  • sliding glass doors

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