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Window terminology

Green Evolution 76.jpg

Green Evolution 76 3D

76 mm, 6-chambers, steel reinforced PVC profile designed for Canadian homes.

What are U-values?

Our Tilt & Turn windows are crafted from high-quality German PVC profiles and hardware. We specialize in importing premium windows and doors from Europe and offering shipping services across Canada and the USA.

All our windows are meticulously manufactured and certified to meet the stringent standards of EnEV 2014 (German Energy Conservation Regulation).

In today's world, a window's insulation value holds increasing significance, especially in light of the rigorous demands imposed by the German Energy Conservation Regulation (EnEV 2014). When we talk about insulation value, we refer to the U-value, also known as the heat transmission coefficient, which quantifies the amount of heat an element loses per square meter.

In essence, it boils down to this:

  • The lower the U-value, the better the window's ability to retain heat.

  • Ug represents the value for the glass (g for glass).

  • Uf signifies the value for the frame (f for frame).

  • Uw denotes the value for the entire window (w for window).

When you choose our windows, rest assured that you're not just meeting legal requirements – you're surpassing them. All our Tilt & Turn windows exceed the heat insulation criteria outlined in Germany's Energy Conservation Regulation and meet Canadian Energy Star requirements.

Discover more about our superior products by visiting our showroom today.



85 mm, 6 chambers, steel reinforced PVC profile for super energy efficient exterior doors.

Exploring Window Types: Understanding Specialist Terminology

The world of windows offers a diverse array of choices, each distinguished by its unique opening mechanism and the number of sashes it possesses. From single-sash to multi-sash windows, sliding windows, and more, the possibilities are vast.

Your choice of window type can have a profound impact on your living space. It can influence how you utilize your area and how much fresh air and natural light you invite indoors.

Curious to learn more? Simply roll over the image to delve deeper into the fascinating world of windows and discover the perfect match for your needs.

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