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Aluminum windows & doors
ALUPROF (Poland)

Whether our home is sufficiently energy-efficient depends on, among the factors that affect the energy efficiency of a house, windows are of primary importance.

Type of window, and its correct installation are equally vital.

The analysis of the energy balance of single-family houses presented in “Good Practices Manual“ published by the Poland’s National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management shows that “window-induced” heat loss reaches 23.1% - 36.3%.

We import a range of solutions based on thermally isolated profiles; the MB-104 Passive, the MB-86, the MB-79N




The MB-79N is a state-of-the art and economical addition to the Aluprof window & door systems. It has been designed to outperform typical thermal insulation requirements. The MB-79N series can be used to fabricate fixed, side-hung, hopper, tilt-and-turn, and hopper-and-slide windows, as well as single and double exterior doors, and storefront solutions complete with doors. In addition to the economical version MB-79N E, featuring a one-component central seal, and the MB-79N ST version with a two-component central seal, Aluprof also offers the MB-79N SI variant with enhanced thermal insulation, and with profiles that come equipped with insulating inserts and a two-component central seal. For external doors, Aluprof also offers the MB-79N SI+ variant that comes with a central seal and insulating inserts inside the profiles.

Features and benefits:

  • profile depth: 79mm (casement) and 70mm (window frame and door leaf)

  • thermal insulation: Uw starting from 0,64 W/(m2K), Uf starting from 0,83 W/(m2K)

  • possibility of using invisible hinges and the most popular multi-point hardware, including hidden fittings + state-of-the art AluPilot fittings; for doors, fittings with automation and access control functions are also available

  • able to receive double or triple glazing, up to 63 mm for windows and 54 mm for doors, thus making it possible to use all common types of glass, including acoustic or burglar-resistant glass

  • possibility to produce security doors rated RC1 - RC3, and panel doors in many highly aesthetic versions

  • large selection & different styles of handles, including minimalist looking handles with or without rosette



The new MB-86window and door series have been designed to offer outstanding insulation properties. It meets the increasing requirements from the legislative and general market demands for the enhanced energy saving construction of new windows and doors.

Offered in three varieties ST, SI and AERO it is the first aluminum system to employ silica aerogel, the nanoporous material that has a very high proportion of free void volume compared to conventional solid materials. Its high pore volume, low solid content, and torturous path amorphous structure give rise to low values of thermal conductivity. Therefore the system features the industry leading thermal performance. In addition it also features exceptional rate of profiles inertia that allows for greater windows in size and weight.

Features and benefits:

  • large selection of profiles

  • newly shaped, extra thick thermal breaks

  • multi component central gasket

  • glazing strips with additional sealing option

  • glazing up to 67,5 mm enabling all types of two chamber glazing, acoustic and security, anti burglary glazing

  • large, wire-free glass areas

  • appropriate for variety of hardware including concealed hinges

  • water draining available in both traditional and concealed options

  • highly energy efficient from 0,57 W/m2K

  • clean, sharp lines of narrow extruded aluminum framing

  • multitude of finish options




The MB-104 Passive is a thermal break-equipped window & door system that provides the highest thermal insulation performance, and meets all the requirements for passive building components.

The system is used to fabricate exterior architectural development elements, e.g. various types of windows, doors, vestibules, and spatial structures, which are characterized, in addition to the excellent thermal insulation, by a very good sound insulation, water- and air tightness and high structural strength.

The MB-104 Passive system's profile construction comes in two variants, depending on the requirements for thermal energy savings: SI and AERO

The MB-104 Passive -based door & window parameters exceed the current requirements of the strictest applicable regulations and standards – that’s why the MB-104 Passive system is dedicated to energy-efficient and passive building.

Features and benefits:

  • excellent thermal insulation performance for openable window: UW from 0,53 W/(m2K) and for door UD from 0,62 W/(m2K)

  • standard-exceeding tightness and insulation performance

  • large range of glazing, up to 81mm

  • exterior doors are available both glazed and paneled – it’s a perfect entrance door to a modern home

MB-104 Passive can also be used to fabricate highly aesthetic panel doors that meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

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