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With a construction depth of 85 mm, energeto® 8000 has been designed especially for new buildings. Its Uf value of 0.94 W/m²K guarantees outstanding energy efficiency at passive-house standard. In terms of looks, it impresses with its clean, straight lines.

energeto® 8000,with a construction depth of 85mm, is designed especially for new building segments and convinces with top insulation values.

The 85mm-system – available in a Classic-line design – impresses with its clear and straight forms and an unprecedented Uf-value of 0.98 W/m²K.
energeto® 8000 combines trendsetting technology with excellent energy efficiency.
The outcome is a respectable one:
energeto® – the all-round carefree window!


Compatible for PASSIVE HOUSE construction

· Uf=0.98 W/m²K , while an Uw-value of up to 0.80 W/m²K can be realized by a common triple glazing.
· this top values result on the one hand from bonding the window sash with the glass pane and on the other hand from reinforcing the frame with especially developed PBT
· filigree and classical profile design for a light-flooded living area
· outstanding sound insulation of up to
German sound transmission class IV
· glazing thickness of up to 52mm
· burglary resistance in the resistance class 2 according to German standard DIN V ENV 1627 : 1999
· available in numerous decor variations

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