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aluplast Intertec 85 mm is an advanced window profile system, that, thanks to the application of innovative solutions, offers excellent technical parameters and high comfort of window use.
Profiles of the system feature timeless, classic design of well balanced proportions, that fit perfectly in the contemporary trends of shaping the optics of buildings’ facades.
Special sash construction allows application of aluplast bonding inside technology, which makes fabrication of stable, even large sized windows possible.
Slim sash-frame combination featuring 115 mm width allows to maximize the glass surface,  thus ensuring the flow of even more light into the interior of the house.
Thanks to the application of the middle fin, insulating the construction of the window all over its circumference, a so called dry chamber is established, creating space for fittings operation.
Separation of the fittings from the external atmospheric conditions  improves significantly their durability.
aluplast Intertec 85 is an excellent option for those looking for the solutions that are not only aesthetic, but also energy efficient. Profile depth of 85 mm, six chambers in the sash and frame, possible glazing thickness up to 51 mm and coherent system of the middle fin insulation guarantee splendid thermal parameters.
For instance, single sash window made of Intertec 85 profiles, with dimensions of 1230 mm (width) and 1480 mm (height) with glass pane with coefficient value of Ug=0,5  and so called warm distance frame features the Uw coefficient value of 0,74 W/m2K.



Aluplast Intertec 85 (MD85) modern, six-chamber profile system featuring 85 mm profile depth. Special middle insulating fin ensures increased protection against wind, rain and better acoustic insulation.

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