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A window and much more...


The window is a portal between inside and outside. It provides protection while also allowing us to stay in touch with the outside world.

Windows let in natural light and, in this way, determine the ambiance and atmosphere in the room.

We import Tilt & Turn windows and exterior doors from Europe and ship them across Canada and USA.

Save energy with the best windows engineered ever! 

Save energy 

Are your heating costs too high?

Normally, this is in fact down to your windows and doors, not your heating system.​

"They'll last for a few more years." That's what most home owners think when looking at their old windows / doors. However, just because they still look OK from the outside does not necessarily mean that they offer enough heat insulation. Very few people are aware of how much money they are literally throwing out on account of poorly insulated windows and doors. Putting the replacement of old windows / doors on the back-burner definitely won't pay off in the long run.

Reduce your home's energy consumption with new high energy efficient windows and doors  - a noticeable financial relief for you and an important step towards ecological responsibility.

Doing that, you not only save money, you also do your bit for the environment!

Begin with essentials

So, why don't start with the best windows engineered ever - 
European Tilt & Turn windows

Sheffield Oak.png
BluEvolution 82 MD.jfif

Aluplast Intertec MD 85        BluEvolution 82 MD


Aluplast Intertec MD 85 and Salamander BluEvolution 82 MD are the best value 6-chambers high energy efficient uPVC window profiles with 3 gaskets and steel reinforcement.



A burglary takes place every 4 minutes in Canada and every 5 minutes in Greater Toronto Area. 
The majority of burglars break in through conventional entry door by kicking it in or by breaking the window. They not only steal your money and valuables, they also rob you of your feeling of safety.
Protect yourself and your loved ones from unwanted guests. 
The safety components in our products provide top burglary protection in accordance with European RC2 burglary resistance.


European Tilt & Turn

Patio/Balcony Door

Tilt & Turn patio/balcony door is usually dual-function door: it swings in for entry and exit, and tilts in from the top for ventilation. Other variants of ventilation are available also.

T&T balcony door.gif

European Smart Slide Patio / Balcony Doors

European uPVC Exterior Front & Side Door


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